Objetos de Deseo - La Navaja 

This captivating dark comedy follows the eventful journey of Jessy, a morally ambiguous young man who finds himself entangled in a web of challenges when his mother is kidnapped. To settle his debt, Jessy reluctantly sets out to seduce Carlos, an older man in a vulnerable state of decline.
Overall, the project is aiming to entertain and engage the audience while encouraging self-reflection and a deeper understanding of human nature. The combination of varied cultural settings, dark comedy, and a unifying symbolic element will make for a compelling and thought-provoking film.

Project Type: Short –  Develop Feature Film
Genres: Drama, Tragedy, Dark Comedy
Runtime: 18 minutes 28 seconds
Country of Origin: United States
Country of Filming: United States
Language: Spanish
Shooting Format: Digital S35mm
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Film Color: Color

Director Statement

This first story is part of a feature film design to reflect this statement.
     In the vibrant city of Miami, people from different corners of the globe—Argentina, Mexico, Spain, and Miami itself—come together. Each bringing their own unique cultural flavors and perspectives. However, underneath these surface differences, the silent motivators that drive human behavior remain consistent.
     In this meticulously-crafted dark comedy film, we delve into the depths of our humanity, exploring the profound forces that shape our actions. These four interconnected stories capture the essence of the human experience—the eternal pursuit of our desires and the relentless avoidance of suffering. But an unexpected twist adds an extra layer of intrigue and symbolism.
     Throughout the film, one character embodies the timeless and undefeatable figure of death. This haunting motif weaves a subtle thread that binds them all together. As tragedy and humor intertwine, these stories are underscored by subdued color schemes, low-key lighting, and high contrast cinematography—captivating attention and provoking deep introspection.
     Audiences will witness and undoubtedly feel the complexities of human desires and the many ways we navigate suffering. As the final story unfolds, the symbolism becomes more potent, compelling us to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the universal motivations that drive us, no matter where we come from—shining a light on the human truths that unite us all.
     Prepare to be entertained and enlightened by an extraordinary cinematic experience that will touch your heart, ignite your mind and leave you wanting more.
Director Biography – Alejandro Renteria
Was born in Havana, Cuba to a family of performing artists. At the age of ten, his parents relocated to Caracas, Venezuela where he studied theatre and performing arts. Alejandro put his skills to work in Miami after emigrating to the United States in 2002 while continuing his education in cinematography and honing his skills as Visual Storyteller. He shortly thereafter founded his production company Thinking Monkeys Films and is currently working on multiple campaigns including projects for HBO, the Milk Campaign for the USA Hispanic market, and several projects for television and film industry.

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